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K-Lit Alum

Channel letters: ideal for titanic projects!

K-Lit Alum

The sign that rises to the challenge!

The AlumLit range is the best option for large signs, while still providing perfectly even illumination.


Ideal for large signs
Up to 4-3/4” thick
IP 65
Up to 5 years guarantee

Your signs delivered

in 21 days !

Your signs are packed in custom-made crates for optimum protection. Each box contains: a sign with a warranty of up to 5 years with the Sign-Kontrol® option, stainless steel fasteners, a scale 1 mounting plan, wiring diagram, one (or more) CE-certified Meanwell transformers.

21-day delivery from approval of proof of concept to delivery

Worldwide delivery
(air or sea)
/ DHL, Fedex, UPS.

Transport costs included in the quote (customs clearance carried out and paid for by us)

Direct delivery from our production plant to your home