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The company

Built on the values of innovation, trust and expertise to meet
the requirements of our international clients.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we work tirelessly to ensure it.


The Kalisign adventure

Born from a passion for innovation, Kalisign came to life in 2011. Every step of our evolution has been defined by a deep desire to push boundaries and explore new horizons.
Today, our journey reflects our commitment to creating cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Our organization and our manufacturing units

Kalisign,stands out for its reliable organization. With sales offices strategically positioned in France, the United States and China, our global presence strengthens our capacity to offer exceptional lighting solutions while meeting the wide- ranging needs of our international customers.

L’aventure lumineuse de Kalisign

Genuinely customized 


of our workforce in France is involved in R&D. From customer experience to packaging, we work and think together to offer our partners new products and services.


prototypes / month on average since 2012. Each innovative project involves a new production process to be validated.


investment in automation tools by 2023.


in-house softwares dedicated specifically to the creation of illuminated signs

Our team

Our Kalisign experts bring your projects to life with talent and commitment.
A team present on 3 continents to be as close as possible to projects, customers and our factories.

Innovation is at the heart of our DNA

Our R&D is guided first and foremost by our customers, who are visual communication professionals. We set our objectives in 3 areas of development.

Longevity of our products

We are in constant research for innovative components and materials. A sustainable sign is first and foremost a sign that guarantees an excellent lifespan.

Service provided to our customers

Through our various accessories and selection of components, we make sure our signs are used optimally. We are able to measure their power consumption and adapt the brightness to the environment.

Visual excellence

We offer solutions that guarantee a uniform and reliable light, even for the most demanding projects.

Constant improvement


Attention to detail

Sustainable design