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Elegance in neon light!


A trendy and original sign

KFlex is a silicone-coated LED strip mounted on transparent acrylic. Its quick installation makes it ideal for pop-up stores or other decorative elements.


17 colors available
21-day lead time from validation of technical drawings to delivery
Dismountable and repairable
2 years guarantee

Your signs delivered 

in 21 days !

Your signs are packed in custom-made crates for optimum protection. Each box contains: a sign with a warranty of up to 5 years with the Sign-Kontrol® option, stainless steel fasteners, a scale 1 mounting plan, wiring diagram, one (or more) CE-certified Meanwell transformers.

21-day delivery from approval of proof of concept to delivery

Worldwide delivery
(air or sea)
/ DHL, Fedex, UPS.

Transport costs included in the quote (customs clearance carried out and paid for by us)

Direct delivery from our production plant to your home