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Mounting materials for your illuminated signs

Discover our different mounting systems, specially designed to meet your technical requirements.

Threaded rods


Snap system

Easy fix

Double-sided 3M™tape



LEDs at the core of our signs

Whether embedded dot by dot for our Lika family, or in modules for our K-Lit family, LEDs are at the very core of our signs, to provide you with the best possible visibility. To ensure that your sign runs smoothly, we use only CREE® LEDs, renowned for their longevity.

The thickness of the acrylic and the distribution of the LEDs have been specially designed to ensure perfectly even light, even in corners or the thinnest parts.


Kalisign designs and produces its signs from acrylic.

Its resistance to weather conditions, its strength and its ability to diffuse light make acrylic an ideal material for making signs.

For each of our illuminated signs, you’ll find acrylic in the diffusing parts to guarantee perfect light homogeneity.


The use of vinyls gives you a wide choice of colors

To diffuse colored light, we allow you a wide selection of vinyls from the 3M® 3630 and Avery Dennison® – 4500TF series. Combined with our perfectly uniform light, color has never been so intense.

Matte, satin or gloss paint finish

To achieve the best possible finish, and meet your expectations perfectly, we pay particular attention to the paint finish of the letters.
We strictly adhere to the desired shade, thanks to Pantone or RAL color codes that allow for a multitude of nuances.

We apply 4 coats of paint to our letters:

  • The first, white, reflects the light produced, contributing to the uniformity of the light.
  • The second and third coats are black, to ensure total opacity of the lacquered surface.
  • Finally, the fourth coat of paint gives your letter its final appearance.
  • Our illuminated signs are designed for outdoor use. For this reason, we use a special UV and weather-resistant paint.


    Every Kalisign illuminated sign comes with a Meanwell® power supply.

    The power supply for an illuminated sign is essential, and must be carefully selected. It is used to adapt the electrical requirements of the letters to the power source. This power supply enables you to switch from 220V at the plug outlet to 12V, the electrical voltage suited to your sign. Each of our illuminated signs is delivered with a Meanwell® CE-certified power supply meeting the IP65 standard. IP65: Total protection against dust and water jets from all directions (22.5mm nozzle, 12.5l/min).