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Our guarantees & FAQ

We guarantee outstanding service for all your projects!

There's no such thing as perfection! But with Kalisign, we're getting closer!

BenoitTeacher in Paris

What I like about Kalisign is the promise of personalized support for every project.

ChristopheTeacher in Paris

Working with Kalisign has been a real pleasure - they respond quickly, always deliver on time and are always ready to help when we're pressed for time.

EstimatorNational teacher

The first time I received a batch of Slimteks, I was stunned by their finish and the intensity of the light. We now offer them to all our customers without the slightest hesitation!

AxelTeacher in Rouen

I recently had the opportunity to work with Kalisign and was very pleased with the quality of their signs! It's a pleasure to work with them.

VegardTeacher in Norway

Kalisign signs are absolutely gorgeous! Nothing matches their brilliance and intricate finish! They're a pleasure to work with.

Purchasing ManagerInternational teacher

More than a product, at Kalisign we deliver an excellent service.

100% uniform lighting

No hot spots or visible dark areas! From the smallest letter to the largest, we guarantee perfectly uniform light.

21-day delivery time

Delivery takes 21 days from validation of production drawings to reception of your sign.

Guarantee up to 5 years

Each sign comes with a 2-year guarantee against defects or visual alterations. A 5-year guarantee is available with the Sign-Kontrol® module.

A responsive team

We are committed to answering your requests as quickly as possible. We respond within 48 hours to requests for quotations.

Quality control

Quality must be absolute. We carefully check our signs throughout the manufacturing process.

Reliable transport logistics

We work in partnership with DHL, Fedex and UPS to deliver your signs. We deliver wherever you need us to.

Frequently asked questions

I'd like a quote, what do I send?

How long will it take?

Are your products suitable for outdoor use?

Our Lika, Kali, K-Lit and K-NL signs are equipped for outdoor use. What’s more, all our Meanwell® brand transformers meet the IP65 standard and can therefore be used outdoors.

What are your guarantees?

What's included in your quote?