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21 Days from quote to door

We are unravelling the mystery of our outstanding delivery

One of the (many) benefits of working with Kalisign is that we will promise that we can get your sign to you, wherever you are in the world in just 21 days. You will never miss a grand opening or a shop refit due to delivery! We thought we could give you a little breakdown of our process at Kalisign and how we are able to stick to our promise:

1. Quotation Ordered

We provide all our quotes within 48 hours. Once you are happy with the quote, and all the specifications are in line with your project requirements, just send us an email specifying the products you’d like to order.

2. Drawing Validation / 2-3 days

Our first step after you place the order is creating the final drawings for production. We’ll send you these drawings within 48h of placing the order, and you will be able to review all specifications. Is everything just like you need it to be? You’ll send us your confirmation and we’ll launch production.

3. Production / 8-10 days

Every sign that leaves our production facility needs to meet our high quality control standards. If it’s not perfect, it’s not leaving our factory! That’s why we leave plenty of time for LEDS to be carefully embedded and for each of the four layers of paint to cure. As a final step, we run a 24h test before the sign is packed to make sure it works perfectly.

4. Delivery / 3-7 days

All our signs are shipped via express air freight, the fastest delivery out there. We take just as much care packing your sign as we do making it, so we are sure it will arrive the same way it left our factory. Delivery can take between three and seven days, depending on how fast the customs clearance process goes. We take care of importation, taxes and duties so you won’t receive any surprise invoices.

5. Unboxing 

Within just 21 days from ordering your sign it will arrive at a destination of your choice, ready to be installed! All our signs include the mounting hardware, mounting template scale 1:1, power supply and installation guideline.