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At Kalisign, we are always on the hunt to get the best materials that will solve your most demanding projects. Today, we want to talk about our Day/ Night options.


Black sign during the day, white sign during the night.



Kalisign’s Slimtek with day/night vinyl or acrylic!

3M Perforated Vinyl

3M’s dual-color film 3635-222 is black and has a perforated pattern that lets the light shine through when added to an illuminated surface. From a distance, the sign will look black when it’s off and it will illuminate white (or any other LED color) when it is on.

3M Day/Night Film

If the perforated option isn’t working, 3M’s Day/Night film is also a solution. Our Slimtek letters with the translucent film on the faces look grey during the day when the sign is off and white during the night when it’s illuminated.

PT Day/Night Acrylic

To achieve the day and night look without vinyl, we also have a color-changing acrylic sheet. With a gloss or a matte finishing, this acrylic appears dark by day and white by night.

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